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My photographs are about questions. They are not  about answfirst.
Duane Michals

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Photography, a medium that many believe truthfully depicts the world, is unable to capture the complicated and multi-layered nature of reality. The images we see are but a fragment, a frozen moment in time, carefully chosen by the artist. In the hands of the photographer, each image becomes an act of curation, a deliberate arrangement of visual elements to direct the viewer's attention and shape their perception.


As an artist, I am drawn to the challenge of pushing the boundaries of traditional photography. In order to realize the full potential of the medium, I deliberately limit myself to the use of photographic techniques and seek to create images that go beyond mere depiction. Technical precision is not the goal for me; rather, I want to create works that arouse curiosity and provoke thought, often revealing hidden stories and unexpected details upon closer inspection.


My photographic subjects range from the poetic to the profound. In one moment I might capture the stillness of a city slowly sinking into the sand, in another the frantic energy of. Grand Central in New York. Through the lens of my camera, I show intimate portraits of human interaction or motion studies that capture the essence of a particular moment. Each of my works is an invitation to explore the mysteries of the world and see the familiar with new eyes.


Born 1967. Lived in Germany, Spain, the United States, and South Africa. Following a career in corporate finance, studied photography from 2016 to 2019 at Prager Fotoschule in Linz, Austria, with a focus on narrative and conceptual photography. Diploma / Master Class completed in 2021. Thesis: "Sundays I Am Off," a work about improbable encounters in a familiar setting. Exhibitions in Germany, Austria, and South Africa.

petravanhusen. narrative photography.

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