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sundays i am off - every adventure requires a first step

When I was a little girl, my brother and I found an old suitcase with yellowed comic books in the attic. There were hundreds of tiny comics about Sigurd, Falk and Timor, male heroes fighting wild animals and dragons and such. But what fascinated me the most, was a series about an astronaut and his space adventures on all the different planets he visited.
 NICK Der Weltraumfahrer. And one adventure stroke me the most:
For whatever reason he became really really tiny and then even tinier and in the end he was tiny enough to fit in the small fissures of a dice sized metal cube and when he became even tinier he saw that inside the cube there was another universe with a galaxy like the one he had just left. Since then, I have always wondered: what I will find if I only look closely enough?

What will I find, 
if i look hard enough

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