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return of the thinginess

„In the midst of digitization, the sensual, the touchable and the haptic, the concrete and the sensitive are returning with all their might. Only touch can give us the illusion that reality is real.“ Matthias Horx

The sense of touch is the primary sense for humans, allowing us to perceive our body boundaries and surroundings before we can hear or see. It is crucial for self-perception, as it enables us to understand our physical limits. In a world that is increasingly digitalized, the sense of touch is often neglected, raising questions about its impact on our humanity and individual experiences. If our sense of touch is not adequately addressed, what are the consequences for us? In this context, photography plays an intriguing role as a medium for the sense of sight. Despite its visual nature, looking at a photograph can evoke emotions and memories, leading to a sensory experience. For example, viewing a photograph of shaggy fur can create a tactile sensation on one's fingertips. he lightness of the feather, the coldness of the ice, the velvetiness of a fur blanket. However, what would these photos trigger in individuals who lack any haptic experience in a completely digitized world?

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